All applications in the "Ensure" software suite have detailed 'help' boxes visible on the screen as you work.  When preparing your backups, clear instructions are given at every step of the way.  All options are shown when restoring data, with a description of what each option means and what effect it will have on your system.

The default configuration automatically makes the best choice for your backup, based on your data and the storage media available.  Advanced users can override the default setting and off-site administrators can install detailed configuration data specifically for your needs.

"Ensure" shows the status of your backup security.  Routine operations occur without user input.  Clear instructions are given when actions are needed by a user, such as inserting a CD.

Every backup degrades with time and "Ensure" routinely verifies that existing backups are in good condition.  Traffic-light colour-coding alerts the user to the urgency of checking data stored off-line.

A support forum is available when specific problems are encountered.  This forum is monitored by our support staff, so even the trickiest of questions will be answered.

One-to-one support will be provided by our resellers as part of their wider support services. See our reseller list for more information. (**click here**)



Resellers provide value added support and make sure that a backup service is correctly configured. 'Ensure' configuration tools allow a trained administrator to receive notification if the backup has not been taken for any reason. The client's computer does not have to be working for these notifications to be sent.

Businesses such as computer shops or IT support companies can provide a full validated backup service, without the need to go to their client's home or business to conduct regular checks. 






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